Electronic Product Design is our core business and we can say that product design is at the center of what we do.

Although Rise X Technology has experience in many markets, we have strong experience especially in the Military, Energy, Automotive, Industrial Measurement and Controls, Medical, Agriculture and Livestock sectors.

We provide a complete turnkey solution for customers, from initial consultation and proof of concept to design, electronic design prototyping and final production.

Industrial Control, Data Collection and Automation
Remote Monitoring and Control, Home automation
Wired Communication and Interfaces (RS232, RS485, RS422, LIN, Ethernet, USB,
CAN, EtherCAT, Fiber LVDS, HDMI, PCI etc.)
Wireless Communication and Interfaces (Bluetooth, 802.11 Wifi, IEEE 802.15.4, Sub-1 Ghz RF, 2.4 Ghz RF, Mesh Protocols)
Optical Communication (Infrared, Visible Light, Military, Industrial)
Communication Protocols (Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, IEC 60870, DNP, IEC61850)
MEMS Based Systems (Accelerometers, Inclinometers, Inertial Navigation Units)
Powerful Ground Motion Detection, Structural Monitoring, Vibration Monitoring, Wireless Charging
Energy & Smart Grid (Remote Terminal Units, Fault Detectors, Energy Quality, Solar Systems, Solar Tracking Systems)
Agriculture (Herd Management System and Electronic)
Temperature, Humidity, Activity Tracking, Weight Measurement Systems