Software is the machine commands that are responsible for ensuring or helping to improve the communication between the computer and other electronic devices with computer logic. In computers and similar devices, software helps the hardware to function exactly correctly. Hardware alone can't mean anything without software, and software can't mean anything without hardware.
All of the software is created with software languages ​​that have become major standards. It is possible to give examples of these software languages, all of which are in English, such as Pascal, C++ and Java.
Software Types
Almost everything we see inside our computer is actually a program, namely software. We can first give an example of this as operating systems.

a) Operating system software

It is the main software of the computer that helps the computer's hardware to work correctly from the moment the computer is turned on to the moment it shuts down. Operating systems help to use all the main and side memory in the most efficient way and accompany you until your computer shuts down.

b) Application Software

Application software is the software created to eliminate the problem that occurs in a certain subject. For example, Microsoft's Office product is also an Application software. The main purpose of Office is to help us eliminate our calculation and writing and presentation needs.

c) Programming/Software Languages

Apart from all these, there are also software language programs. These languages ​​negotiate with the computer's commands and help us create software that helps solve our problem.